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Offering in-home playgroups for children 18 months to 5 years old.


(18 months +)


(3 years +)


(3 years +)

How it Works

Mothers set up playgroups with family and friends to meet in their private homes with other children in the area. This provides the child with a comfortable learning setting. Teachers provide engaging hands-on classes for one or one and a half hours per week.


Meet Our Teachers

Getting Started

Here is what we need in order to get your group going:

Talk to other parents in your area about Productive Playgroup and form a group of children that are approximately the same age as your child.

Each playgroup session is 1.5 hours long on the same day each week. However, we have a number of playgroups that meet more than once a week.

Once you have formed your group, designate which house will be the host house for the first month. We will rotate houses once per month. Children often feel proud to show the teachers and their friends their house and toys.

Make sure there is a space in the house that is suitable for a teacher and up to 6 children. Often their playrooms are an ideal spot to hold class.

Collectively try to come up with several days and times that could work for your group as class times are filling up.

Contact Krista with the names of the children, parents and their addresses. We are currently working on the website to automate this procedure, but until that occurs we ask that you give Krista the times that work for your group and then we can assign a teacher to your group.

Pre-School Program

To make the children feel as comfortable as they can with a new situation.

We will keep the same routine weekly which includes: Play dough, themed projects, songs, shaving cream, and story time.

Each playgroup is 1.5 hours per week.

Our teachers will provide the table, stools, parachute and projects for each child. We use the parachute similar to a tarp, to contain the mess we make while playing.

Children experience the use of markers, paints, scissors (which are monitored) and glue.

Each week the teacher will talk about a theme and the children will make a project that is related. Themes include farm animals, safety, zoos, countries, nutrition, sharing…and much more.

Parents are excited to see what their 18 month old children are capable of doing within this program.



Science playgroups are very hands-on. Each week the children begin class with play dough activities and then we dive right into our experiments. The scientific method is utilized at an age appropriate level.

Children are ready to explore at this age.
Topics include:

  • weather
  • rocks
  • chemistry
  • solar systems
  • the human body
  • plants

Through these topics they will be able to make predictions, see reactions and talk about their findings.
During the science class, children will learn to communicate and work together by problem solving



Learning the alphabet is very important with this age group. By using our phonics placemat and some songs, we teach the children to be excited about their letters. Each week the teacher will concentrate on one letter and finish with a project that begins with the same letter. The projects will range from sewing, putting objects together and gluing wood projects together.

This year, each child will have his or her own workbook and will bring home papers from that workbook. As they finish the workbook, we will continue to move into the next more advanced workbook. There will be a small fee for each workbook.

Each reading group will be different in some way, but we will continue to work on recognizing capital and lowercase letters, work on writing names, numbers and progress into learning to combine their sounds.

Once the children have recognized all letters and sounds, we will begin to teach them sight words and three letter words.

The Reading program has been very successful in teaching children how to read before kindergarten.



All Aboard……… $20.00

On Track……….. $20.00

Raceway………… $20.00


Our Results Speak for themsleves!


Voted OUTSTANDING by our local education authority

What The Parents Say

Why it Works

Productive Playgroup uses highly qualified teachers who are continuing their own education annually. This provides fresh new ideas for your classes.

Playgroups are designed to be small classes from 4 to 6 students only.

This provides great Kindergarten preparation by having interaction with other children in a safe friendly environment.


To jump start your child’s academic ability in a comfortable, safe, fun, and creative way that will give them the confidence needed for preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten.


1.  To teach every child the way they need to be taught.

2.  Allow children to explore with hands on learning.

3.  Challenge them to their fullest potential.

4.  Allow each child to use materials which might not be available within
their homes.

5.  To have fun while they learn.


24 hours notice must be given if there will be any additional children joining a session. Only enrolled children may participate – no sibling “helpers”.

If your child will be missing a class, please note that there will not be a make-up session nor will there be a refund issued. This policy includes illnesses, vacations and any other reason for absences.

If a teacher cancels a class, it is up to the group and the teacher to schedule a make-up session.

Please make your payment out for the amount on your invoice and send it in before the due date. A $10 late fee will be added if received after the due date.

Please notify your teacher of any changes in class location as soon as possible.

Referrals for new classes are always welcomed and appreciated! For each new class of 4 children that comes from your referral, you will receive a discount of one month of classes.


Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities!